The Happy Sessions with Anne Berube
to Apr 22

The Happy Sessions with Anne Berube

Happy people are generally found to be healthy, sociable, flexible, creative, resilient, tolerant, and have a great capacity for love and forgiveness. It is interesting that something so simple remains so elusive for so many. True happiness is not related to pleasure or consumption, but is a by-product of emotional intimacy, spiritual meaning, and unconditional love.

Until we become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion we will always feel like something is missing.

The Happy Sessions are based on an individual’s deep inner need for growth, unconditional love, and “soul-realization.” This healing weekend is designed to dive deep into the soul of our being, heal old wounds, and reconnect with our inner essence.

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The Celestial Sessions
to Jul 21

The Celestial Sessions

The invitation: 

Chase the milky way, tap into a palpable energy in ancient indigenous caves, and engage in healing conversations.


In the Celestial Sessions Jeff Pulver and Anne Berube guide us through a series of heart opening conversations and spirit affirming experiences that could only occur in this unique confluence of spirit, stars, and sacred ground. Participants connect with an inner world, deep within, a home where “who you really are” whispers and communicates. Becoming familiar and listening carefully to this place changes everything in your life. 

Jeff is a futurist with the gift of channeling sacred truths. He is also a gifted photographer who captures the breathtaking images of night skies, sunrises, and sunsets. During this retreat Jeff will be our celestial adventure guide, leading us through the darkness as we chase perfect views of the Milky Way and the first and last light of the sun. You’ll learn the secrets of night sky photography, and be photographed under nothing more than the light of the stars. Check out Jeff’s photographs on his Instagram Feed. [link]

Anne is a powerful spiritual teacher who has made it her life’s purpose to help individuals come back home to their heart and remember their soul’s calling. She has an uncommon ability to share her story and insights in a way that accelerates transformation and healing in others.  During this retreat Anne will facilitate conversations and meditations designed to dive deep into the soul of our being, heal old wounds, and reconnect with our inner essence and own sacred medicine.

In this one of a kind event Anne and Jeff work together to help us access beauty and ancient secrets hidden in plain sight: buried in magnificent caves, in the night sky, and in our hearts. Ever wondered how it’s all connected? You will leave the Celestial Sessions one step closer to the answer. 

During this 4-days 5-nights program you will:

  • Deepen your relationship to your higher self
  • Remember the wisdom and medicine that you were born with
  • Bring back a sense of child-like play and joy
  • Connect with your innate passions and gifts
  • Explore the ancient celestial wisdom of the land and sky of North and Middle Caicos
  • Learn how to photograph the Milky Way
  • Play on one of the world most beautiful and secluded beaches
  • Leave with a deeper peace within and a renewed sense of spiritual purpose

Your stay includes: 

  • All meals
  • 5 nights in shared accommodation
  • Taxi and ferry from and to the airport
  • All facilitation and excursion

The remote islands of North and Middle Caicos are incredibly special. The experience of the Celestial Sessions is sure to transform you at your core. Come play with us!

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The Spirit Cruise with Shawn Leonard and Anne Berube
to Dec 9

The Spirit Cruise with Shawn Leonard and Anne Berube

Take a dive deep into the art of spiritual communication

Join Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard and Spiritual Coach Anne Berube on a The Spirit Cruise.  Whether it be from our Highest Self, our guides, Ascended Masters, angels, deceased loved ones, or ancient gods and goddesses, the language through which spirit corresponds with us is love and joy. There is no better way to connect with spirit than to experience joy with other soul-minded people: we will feast our senses on a luxurious ship surrounded by the beautiful and mystical waters of the Caribbean sea.  

Go within, listen, and allow the mystery of spirit to awaken the wisdom that is innate to your being.

Anne and Shawn will help you decode this unique language and guide you through meditations, conversations, teachings, demonstrations and off boat excursions that will expand your connection to your innate gift of spiritual communication. You will also:

  • Discover the practices of shamanic attuning, invoking, and offering
  • Deepen your connection to your inner guidance system, including your own personal guides
  • Explore passed, parallel, and future lives for insights into this life
  • Learn how to communicate with your deceased loved ones
  • Participate in group readings with Shawn
  • Engage in healing group work with Anne 
  • Optional group excursions to sacred sites 
  • Optional private sessions with Anne or Shawn  

There is only one reality: spiritual reality. From this space all is revealed to our human awareness and all is manifested in the tangible world. Connecting with and understanding the workings of this reality gives us access to healing, inner peace, and sustainable joy. Go within, listen, and allow the mystery of spirit to awaken the wisdom that is innate to your being.

Shawn and Anne are excited to embark on this adventure and can’t wait to play with you!

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I AM Gathering
to Oct 12

I AM Gathering

Join Anne at the Inaugural I AM GATHERING in beautiful Saskatoon, SK at The Glen at Crossmount.

A powerful two-day exploration of your soul and connection to spirit. This event is specially designed for you...

to let go, to breathe, to be inspired,
to be challenged, and be safe...
with loving, like minded people.

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Anne Berube's Montreal Book Launch Celebration
7:00 PM19:00

Anne Berube's Montreal Book Launch Celebration

An evening of celebration, conversation, and transformation. Anne will share the behind-the-scenes story of manifesting Be Feel Think Do and share the spiritual insights at the core of the book.

Featuring MC Nancy Regan and a special musical guest.

Tickets are $19 and include a copy of Be Feel Think Do. Net Proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

Space is limited! Please reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment.

Special thanks to our sponsors: The Loft Hotel, The Soul Booth, Bend Beauty, and Skin Fix.

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Be Feel Think Do / Breakfast with Jeff Pulver in NYC: June 2017
8:00 AM08:00

Be Feel Think Do / Breakfast with Jeff Pulver in NYC: June 2017

Jeff Pulver: "I am looking forward to hosting this breakfast networking event at The Little Beet in honor of my friend Anne Berube who is visiting NYC and will be talking about her new book, Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir.

As a guest to this event, you need to purchase something from The Little Beet sometime during the time you are there. Please bring your own Name Badge.

Please feel free to invite a friend or two to join you and please help spread the word about this event"

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[SOLD OUT] Anne Berube's Book Launch Celebration : Be Feel Think Do
7:00 PM19:00

[SOLD OUT] Anne Berube's Book Launch Celebration : Be Feel Think Do

Join Anne Berube and friends as they gather to launch her brand new book!

Host Nancy Regan will interview Anne, we'll hear a reading from the book, and we'll enjoy a performance from musical guest Dave Carroll.

Tickets include admission, light refreshments, and a free copy of Be Feel Think Do.

Net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Halifax Independent School Capital Campaign.


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Creating The Wave. Healing Touch Association of Canada
to Apr 30

Creating The Wave. Healing Touch Association of Canada

HTAC's 2017 Creating the Wave of Wellness Conference promotes integrating energy medicine into mainstream health care to enhance and empower an individual's ownership over their health and wellness. 

Creating the Wave of Wellness Conference goals:

  • Increase the importance of a healthy and well balance body/ mind/ spirit connection.

  • To promote health and wellness amongst ‘healers’ and health care professionals.

  • Ignite one’s passion for self-care and healing arts.

  • Increase awareness of the study of Healing Touch curriculum.

Early on, 2001, 2002, the Healing Touch Conferences were offered by the Healing Touch Foundation of Canada . In 2003, The Healing Touch Association of Canada was formed and began hosting bi-annual conferences all over Canada. 


Uniting healing practitioners, therapists, teachers, and lifelong learners, our conferences are an open, inspiring environment to learn, share your experiences, gain deeper knowledge of yourself, develop new skills, and network with like-minded individuals. 

Conference participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance following the completion of the conference. In order to receive CE contact hours, each participant must complete the Evaluation form (paper copy included in the program package or it can be completed online) before noon.

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