The purpose of our existence is to seek happiness.
— Dalai Lama

November 2-4th 2018

Windhorse, NS


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Happy people are generally found to be healthy, sociable, flexible, creative, resilient, tolerant, and have a great capacity for love and forgiveness. It is interesting that something so simple remains so elusive for so many. True happiness is not related to pleasure or consumption, but is a by-product of emotional intimacy, spiritual meaning, and unconditional love.

Until we become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion we will always feel like something is missing.

The Happy Sessions are based on an individual’s deep inner need for growth, unconditional love, and “soul-realization.” This healing weekend is designed to dive deep into the soul of our being, heal old wounds, and reconnect with our inner essence.

Led by modern-day shaman Anne Berube, this spirit-affirming, transformational program is offered in an intimate group setting. We will consider different models of understanding from the wisdom traditions of Vedanta and Huna, new research in epigenetic and positive psychology, as well as the teachings and energy of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

During this weekend program you will:

  • Deepen your experience of self love
  • Learn how to connect with your own unlimited source of joy
  • Learn to tap into the creative dimensions of your being
  • Reconnect your identity with your “I Am” essence
  • Practice techniques for healing suppressed emotions
  • Connect with your ultimate calling: your spiritual reason for being here

The program includes the following activities and exercises:

  • Authentic and open conversations
  • Guided meditations and visualizations
  • Mantras and inductions
  • Shamanic healing energies
  • Automatic writing and journaling
  • Self and soul exploration exercises and contemplation

Although the work is often challenging, the breakthroughs experienced in these sessions are life altering as they help connect us to a deeper, soul-connected, meaningful, and sustainable source of happiness.


I recently attended Anne’s workshop. Upon arrival my heart was heavy with grief, sorrow, and unworthiness. With each day, each activity, each moment, each breath I allowed myself to sit in the awareness. I opened my heart to receive and to give without expectation; without judgment. Through the awareness I found my self-love; unconditional love, my sparkle, my happiness, my wisdom, my beauty, my compassion, my expression, my light, and the rhythm of my soul. I am forever grateful; forever changed; forever transformed. Thank you!
— Chrissy Hollis, NB
I have had the honour to attend two of Anne Berube weekend sessions and I can’t say enough about Anne. She is very authentic and helps you bring your own authenticity to the surface, to heal what was broken. Hope you put yourself first and choose to attend Anne’s workshop; you will not be disappointed.
— Caroline Gautreau, NB
It’s been just over a month since I attended Anne’s workshop. In the months before the event, I had reawakened to the awareness that I am the physical manifestation of a divine inner being. The retreat called to me as the step in my journey. Everyone was committed to being part of the manifestation–and I learned so much about myself through what was being reflected back to me. The best gift was a reconnection to the mother I’d been seeking since childhood (she was inside me all along). I am so grateful to Anne and the other participants.
— Elaine Lewis, BC