This certification program is a guided journey for individuals who have already taken the Happy Sessions, The Celestial Sessions, The Spirit Cruise, Conscious Living Retreat, or at least 3 private Spiritual Coaching sessions with me.

I am inviting you to sustain your commitment to your own evolution and spiritual growth by participating in this program, aimed to accelerate your transformation. It will also increase your ability to connect with and support others as they open to new knowledge and experiences and commit to their own evolution.

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal evolution? This program is designed with my advanced students and clients in mind. Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

You know that a combination of divine love, inner safety, courage, and vulnerability can heal the past that occupies your mind and body, and allow you to tap into the joyful memory of the unique signal you came here to express.

You have witnessed an acceleration of evolution in your own life.

  • You want to share your gifts with others so they too can discover their capacity as the creator of realities.

  • You want to support others in remembering innate truths and committing to their own path of transformation.

  • You remember yourself as a teacher, a healer, a coach, a guide, a mentor.

  • Your path has led you to recognize that life is an ongoing autopoetic (creative and organic) process best engaged from a place of being and feeling first.

  • You now know that you are much more than your mind and body, and you are actually an intelligent field of endless possibilities.

  • You have experienced first-hand the healing power of the combination of your conscious breath and your purposefully directed attention.

On my personal journey I found that supporting others was a critical next step in my spiritual growth and healing. When I first started on this path I had no intention of working with others. In fact, when my teacher suggested I would do so I shuddered at the idea. But the more I healed, the more I wanted to help, and the more I helped the more I healed.

Autopoetic Facilitator Certification
Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia 2018
April 25th, 1:30pm - April 29th 2019, noon.

I have intertwined this new program with the Happy Sessions. Participants must be registered for the Happy Sessions (April 20th-22nd) in order to attend the certification program.

The Certification Program includes:

  • 15 hours of small group facilitation training and deepening of personal spiritual awareness and healing practice at Windhorse Farm

  • hands-on practice during the Happy Sessions (breakout-sessions room support)

  • 3 * 60 min private coaching sessions with me via Zoom

  • 3 group coaching calls (via skype)

  • A manual with tools and models to support you as a facilitator

  • Successful participants receive certification as an Autopoetic Facilitator granted by Anne Berube BEd PhD and will be listed on my website.

 Working with individuals who are hungry for more, desire radical shifts, and are committed to this work and its impact on our world today is incredibly inspiring for me. I can’t wait to share this magical space with you. The acceleration will propel all of us forward to unimaginable heights!

Contact me if you have any questions.

Much care,

Anne xo


Autopoetic Facilitator Certification Program Tuition: $2999 + HST (Includes tuition for the Happy Sessions, meals and shared accommodation for 4 nights at Windhorse Farms)

(Payment plans are available)

Email me for more information or to register: [email protected]